Moving With Kids

Did you know that plenty of experts consider moving during the school year the BEST time to move? What is the reasoning here? Moving to a state, city or even a new neighborhood in the summer may leave a space of a month or two before your child has an opportunity to meet new friends vs. jumping right into an established routine which may allow them to adapt faster to a new environment.
In working with relocating families for over 30 years, I’ve witnessed 4 and 5-year-old children assume the toys in the house they purchased will stay with the house, while worrying that their own toys and pets will be left behind. I’ve seen the nervous anticipation of an 8 or 10-year-old anxious to meet new friends while fretting about being “liked” at their new school. I’ve seen the sadness and downright rebellion of a 16-year-old boy as he blocked out his parents best efforts at making the move as smooth as possible. But, moving happens as we live in a time when relocation due to job changes are far more common than years ago when families stayed in the same home from kindergarten through high school. 

So, what can you do to make your move easier on your kids? Once you have decided on the home and have been through inspections and all is smooth sailing toward closing, see if you can tour the house once again with your family. Take pictures of the house, the yard, and each child’s bedroom. Visit the school, or at least drive by and take another picture. Another major concern of middle and high school kids? Knowing what the kids wear to school because they want to fit in! When you get back home, help them make a wall map marked with the old house and the new, add the pictures, and maybe add some places of interest that they will see once moved. Lakes, parks, the zoo, a possible new dance studio, team sports, etc. If you can’t get some of these, ask your Realtor for help. Most of us are as anxious as you to see your family happily settled in your new home.

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