How can August be finished already? The last of summer vacations give way to getting the college students organized, packed and settled on campus, going over school supply lists and going through clothes to see what fits and what’s needed for the new school year for high school and elementary school age kids.

college dorm life

For some of us it’s time to start planning our winter getaways before the first snowflakes fly, because you know how fast Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas come and go, heavy sigh. If raising children is behind you, maybe it’s time to think about moving from that way to large of a home you currently own and where you raised your family, and downsize into a smaller ranch style home or condominium. But where to start?

Finances are of major importance so consulting with your financial advisor followed by having a market evaluation of your current home with a Realtor is a great place to begin. Get an idea of what your home will sell for and what you will net after closing costs. A knowledgeable agent will also give advise as to what improvements will give you your maximum sales price. I typically leave my sellers with “A” lists of what must be done, “B” lists of what would make your home stand out over other competing homes, and “C” lists of what would be nice to see finished but not necessary if “A” and “B” have worn you out.


time to move into a smaller home?

Once you have a plan, this  process can take a week, a month or even more for you to be market ready. Start going through your basement and purge, give away or box all that has been hanging around for years. Go through your closets and cupboards and do the same. If you’ve been in your home 10, 20 or more years you know what I’m talking about. My own experience had me wondering why did I save 30 flower vases or my husband to save what seemed like a million cans of paint, car polish and wire?!? Do an area, a cupboard or a closet every few days. It may seem like an  overwhelming task but START. The good housekeeping fairy isn’t coming by, your grown children will applaud you for it, and you will be ready to start your new adventure. Life is full of transitions, turn the page and start that next chapter.