Crystal Springs “Life on the Course”

Robbie and I both live in Crystal Springs and we are proud to be a part of N2 Publishing’s monthly neighborhood magazine “Life on the Course”. Their publications are found in many areas of the United States, including their first publication in Cascade and we are happy that they chose Crystal Springs as their 2nd West Michigan location. The magazine includes such things such as social event information specific to the residents, local business information, pictures, personal stories and articles. Various events hosted by the publication are designed to strengthen the neighborhood and increase each member of the community’s circle of friends. Robbie is the social event coordinator and I am a writer for “Home of the Month” and articles relating to neighbors choices for charity awareness. Naomi Riley is our publisher and has become our friend. And of course, as 2RealEstateAgentsAndACity, we love marketing and selling homes in Crystal Springs as well as all areas of metro Grand Rapids.

Crystal Springs also has a Facebook page called Crystal Life on the Course, so if you’re on Facebook, “LIKE” the page and help all of us make it grow. See you around the area. Cheers!!!

2 Real Estate Agents and a City

2 Real Estate Agents and a City



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